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Our Hindu scriptures like Vedas, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita have emphasized and established the fact that noble souls often descend on this earth to provide Mukti & Moksham to mere mortals. It is our good fortune that Sri Muktevi Peram Raju garu, our Moola Purushudu (first person of this family or seed person) of Muktevi family, is one such noble soul. It is said that he performed Tapassu (Asceticism or a form of Meditation) to seek Mukti for the entire family tree of Muktevi. Indeed that was a great vision and an exemplary act of selflessness by our Moola Purusha.

For all such great Sankalpams (Intents) and blessings of all our ancestors and great grand fathers, it is the duty of current and future generations to remember them, pray for them and seek the blessings of our great grand fathers.

This website is an outcome of great Sankalpam and Blessings of our ancestors. This website is our expression of gratitude and remembrance of all our great fathers and fore fathers and their spirit of caring, sharing and self-less thoughts and deeds. Current & future generations in the family have a clear responsibility to emulate this tradition and spirit and pass on this rich lineage on to future generations.

This website could not have been initiated and completed without extraordinary efforts & contributions of Sri Muktevi Radha Krishna Murthy garu, Chairman, Muktevi Peramraju Memorial Trust, retired Head Master (ZPHS Krishna District) Machilipatnam (currently residing at Hyderabad), Sri Muktevi Sitaramayyagaru, Kasi vasi, Addl Managing Trustee, Sri Ramataraka Andhrasramam, Varanasi, Founder and Managing Trustee, Muktevi Peramraju Memorial Trust, retired as P.A., to Director of Factories, Andhra Pradesh.

Our sincere thanks to many other Muktevi family members who took special interest in compiling, preserving and verifying the authenticity of this information.

With this project we hope to connect everyone in the family tree right up to our Moola Purusha Sri Peram Raju Garu.


Note: It is quiet possible that there might be some misrepresentations and missing names in this work, we would like to sincerely apologize for any such mistakes. In case you would like us to make any corrections or enhancements in this site please contact



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